• Sneak Peek '2014' Maintenance, starts as of today, April 10, 2014. Until the last, December 10th. As of opening a new page entitled "Sneak Peek '2015'+ Maintenance".

  • April 10th's Sneak Peek:
    SPk-2014 1

    Sneak Peek #1 - RT Charge BONUS

    A RT Charge Bonus Campaign sign appeared in the block-outs or the sign board in the site. And it seems we have another LIKE-DRIVE EVENT! (=^_^= I'm kinda happy! More Likes, More RT! >:3 I'm so excited bout this! So, even if you don't believe me, it happened last year owo) we reached 50k likes in 1 day xD anyways thats for now, so spam up accounts here!>>: :3 so help with us thx~). The Sneak Peek has 3 pictures to give out. So you can have much clue.
    SPk-2014 2

    FB Like-Drive Event <<>> Click LIKE to contribute!

    If you truly like CB so much, like that page! This 'maintenance' seems to be exciting than last year! Do you even know what happens next? There's another 'Cosmic Break ELIMINATION'. Votes up for your like! Your robot and Cosmic Break, the rule is this: During the event, the arena is set up with a card last year, if you collect a card it can help you vote for your or the best robot![[File:SPk-2014_3.jpg|thumb|Sneak Peek #3 - Elimination <