Chaos, the greatest enemy of all Cosmic Break History! Scroll down the page if you want to see more

  • Chaotic-Evil?!

-Yes, as the name it saying goes, 'Chaos' are raging anger and hatred towards the world of Cosmic Break, however to put an end to this is to fight them!

  • GM's?! (Game Masters)

-Yes, somehow the Chaos are the GM, show the GM's no mercy! Why did they to the GM's you ask? They are somehow connected, to be the evil plot, and us players playing the Hero side

  • Chaos rooms?
-Yes! From 2013, the most famous-known well is the room "Chaos School Invasion", every year CS or CyberStep, somehow changes the room into different ones
KOgre ChaOs

  • Transformation rooms?

-Of course! I bet you can't wait being Haku or any other boss! But however, it is randomly being said to have being "Haku transformation" or "Transformation event", eventually even if we wait 1-4 months they won't release the room so easily, but however, keep waiting!

  • GM problem- Too OP (Over powered)

-Well, GM's are quite powerful, they even need about 10+ ZERO type robots to defeat them PLUS a PS (Power spot) Breaker robot, wondering how much their health is? Well then! It's over 30k (30,000+) amazing right? Don't believe me? It's all written on CB's post on Facebook... GM Tempura was having a hard time to get the players knocked down... And there posted how much HP all GM's have